WinBoard is a graphical user interface for chess in all its major forms, including international chess, xiangqi Chinese chess , shogi Japanese chess and Makruk, in addition to many minor variants such as Losers Chess, Crazyhouse, Chess and Capabanca Chess. Or you can use the mailing list web interface. I improved the sorting now to sort lines for the same move always according to the order in which they were received, as the same move can only get another score at the same depth if the first score was invalid. There is already some unmerged code to port to gtk3. Correspondence chess played by electronic mail. It then internally corrects the score of the older moves to the latest one, so that sorting w.

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Update automatically or install from the portable app store in the PortableApps. At all sizes, however, the piece representation can be arbitrarily defined by the user through font-based rendering. Return to WinBoard development and bugfixing.

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To do this the programs are renamed to xboardnext latest from the v4. An elaborate description winboar the new features can be found on the GNU web pages. Wibnoard a winboard 4.7 is just an upper limit, and triggers a re-search, which should find the real score, which will be lower.

To enhance ease of operation, a new mime type xop is defined for files containing XBoard command-line options, so that XBoard can be started with those options by double-clicking such a file. This winboard 4.7 can be controlled completely from the keyboard, as blind people cannot use a pointing device like a mouse. Correspondence chess played by electronic mail.


If you think you found a bug, please check the bugtracker for open and already closed bugs. WinBoard is fully aware of all Xiangqi rules, including the complex Asia rules for perpetual chasing. It has also been made possible to start WinBoard by simply dragging files of various types games, positions, tournaments, settings on top of it; WinBoard will then start in the mode required to process files of the given type as game viewer, playing the for the tournament, or with the specified settings.

WinBoard Portable is packaged in a PortableApps. It serves as a front-end for many different chess services, including: But since September it also supports the open-source N V D A wijboard reader, and would automatically choose between the two depending on whether it detected N V D A was running on your system or not.

Binary packages for various Linux distributions should be available from the build server. Windows builds of development version can often be found at HGM’s winboard 4.7 page. Here you can also report bugs and request new features.

Sources of current stable version can be found on the main GNU ftp server: After winboare the git-repository or downloading and unpacking a snapshot tar-ball from the git repository, run. We regularly do so called ‘developer releases’, which include the newest and the winboard 4.7 we are working on.

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These can be obtained as source, Windows and Linux winbkard from: I just uploaded a binary installer package for the corresponding WinBoard version to my website: WinBoard is a graphical user interface for chess in all its major forms, including international chess, xiangqi Chinese winboard 4.7shogi Japanese chess and others.


A complete overview of all bugfixes can be found on the GNU website. This discusses every feature XBoard has in detail. Have a look at the following list in case you winboard 4.7 interested:.

WinBoard Portable

It is now based on the Cairo graphics library, using png and resizable svg image files rather than the xpm and bm image formats used in previous versions.

Development for Winboard, reporting bugs and any other requests can also ainboard done at the same places as for XBoard see winboard 4.7.

In Cylinder Chess moves wrap across the board edges WinBoard 4. The CMail program automates winboard 4.7 tasks of parsing email from your opponent, playing his moves out on your board, and mailing your reply move after you’ve chosen it. Please remember that development of XBoard, and GNU in general, is a volunteer effort, and wonboard also can contribute.

The source code for WinBoard 4. XBoard, playing some Chess variant. General variant support has been greatly improved, by offering engines the possibility to configure the GUI for initial position and piece moves. It can also test draw and win claims by the engines for validity. The front-end winboard 4.7 XBoard 4.