Envelope and LFO could use time-delay. The modulation parameters are exciting and effective: To sum up, Philta XL is a fantastic plug-in that totally lives up to its heavyweight name. Topping off the obvious front panel features are main input and output controls and some far-too-oft-overlooked input and output meters. Dance-tastic LFOs and envelopes. Next up comes the ring modulator section. It can take straight-up filtering and turn it into a sound-mangler’s dream, or simply add a little bite and character to help sculpt a mix.

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It offers a great level of crunch phjlta bite, and though it’s not particularly warm in a ‘vintage’ way, it has bags of character and is perfect for modern productions.

Even the amount of modulation and the starting position of the LFO can be adjusted. It’s a certified banger!


But we aren’t going to mark it down particularly on this basis – these aren’t complaints as such but rather our wish list for a future version. Beyond that, you’re going to have to check out the pop-up sub-menus. The modulation parameters are exciting and effective: Finally comes the output limiter. Philta XL lends further credibility to Vengeance-Sound’s status as vps philta of the dance scene.

While you’ve philfa already got a filter, this one is more than powerful and tasty-sounding enough to justify its purchase. It allows some exciting sweeps, and like all of Philta’s major parameters, it can be automated. Whether used for obvious sweeps, synth patches, sound vps philta or simple mix-sculpting, they are near ubiquitous in the studio.

Vengeance Producer Suite Philta XL changelog

Filters are one of the most fundamental studio effects. Phiota sounds so good and has such cool features that you find yourself hankering to use it on anything that might require a filter, such as when removing hi-hat tails from a kick drum sample. By default, Philta works in a band-pass arrangement, passing frequencies that fall between the high-pass and low-pass filters.


Each filter band offers a vps philta frequency control and another dual-purpose control with Width on the outer ring and Resonance on vps philta inner. Topping off the vps philta front panel features are main philya and output controls and some far-too-oft-overlooked input and output meters. In terms of sound, Philta is excellent. Ring modulators seem to have cropped up more and more on plug-ins in recent years, but after trying it out on a variety of sources, we can vouch that this philtx is no mere nod to fashion.

However, enable the Notch option and the high-pass becomes a low-pass and vice versaso chopping out the middle frequencies instead.

Vengeance-Sound Philta XL review | MusicRadar

While we’re at it, we reckon an offset delay on the envelope and LFO would be very beneficial too. The envelope section too offers some amazing possibilities, and perhaps even more of an innovative design.

In a crowded market, it more vpw makes its mark, and for Ableton Live DJs looking to expand their performance arsenal, it vps philta a genuine gift. As with MBC, the limiter really comes into its own when Philta is used on a full mix, but however you use it, you shouldn’t just leave it on philfa forget about it – keep an eye on your input levels to ensure it isn’t destroying the dynamics.

Next up comes the ring modulator section. Envelope and LFO could vps philta time-delay. The Attack and Release controls offer control over the speed of the action, while Strength and Boost determine the intensity of the effect.


But it’s here now and with a name Philta XL, it’d better be pretty damned phat. The distortion effect comes next, and this is fit for anything from all-out sonic decimation to helping sounds cut through a mix. The whole section is brilliantly implemented. Naturally, it offers much more customisation than regular DJ effects, but this is probably the best way to describe Philta to deck-spinners.

First are the envelope and LFO controls, which offer far too much power to cover fully in one review. Despite their power, they’re very intuitive, and if you’re concerned about overlooking some of their possibilities, the carefully grouped presets are on hand to show you vps philta it’s done.

When we heard that Vps philta – those purveyors of innovative and powerful dance-centric effects – had released a filter plug-in as part of their Vengeance Producer Suite, we had no idea what vps philta expect. It’s not an essential plug-in, but for most kinds of dance music and creative electronica, you won’t regret the modest outlay. Anybody who’s used an LFO-driven filter will know the kind of whoomping, pumping sounds this can achieve, but the LFO on Philta has clearly been carefully designed to have maximum impact in electronic music.