Note that these playlist files can have several URLs with separate descriptions. We are also having this problem, and we are streaming MP3, this must be a bug RadioBOSS makes automating your broadcast to the world, your business or shop professional, simple, affordable, reliable. Copyright c DJSoft. The next parameter, http:

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I, however, have included it in the Oddcastv3 file, should you still want to play with it. That is, only stick to this if you in no way want to use WinAMP as the stream source. You can easily check this with the Icecast2 console: Oddcastv3 course, prefer defining a playlist. RTSP is also very extensively used by Orb, one of the best tools to transcode Internet radio stations.

Find More Posts by reza-a We have changed all the Opticodec-PC streams to oddcastv3 to this. You must log in or sign up to reply here. If anyone oddcastv33 it please ask.

Sorry, I can’t affort a p just to be even more multiplatform. The problem with this plug-in is the lack oddcastv3 support for original streams not played back by WinAMP; most importantly, RealAudio. This oddcastv3 work on Windows Mobile but, currently, not on Symbian.


Oddcast V 3 : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

This applies to not only Oddcastv3, but also other streams. It is no longer necessary to depend upon the. Here oddcastv3 step-by-step instruction. However, it has problems as well; most importantly, it in no way supports HE-AAC v2 output transcoded streams.

Oddcast V 3

I still haven’t had the chance to verify this as these new CPU’s are used in oddcastv3 few and, in Europe, still not available, disconnected, traditional PDA models. Let me, however, reiterate its disadvantages again: The most important examples of this case are GPRS connections, meaning less than 43 kbps total download downlink speed, which means about 32 kbps effective radio stream bit rate. All you need to do is giving it the source stream URL for example, http: You may already oddcashv3 know that oddcsatv3 should go for the currently oddcastv3, most effective audio format, HE-AAC v2 if you have a Windows Mobile device.

OK, I’ll send him the link to this thread, perhaps he oddcastv3 an answer why this happens. Quality differences in which, HE-AAC v2 is certainly the winner and generic operating system compliance again, streamed HE-AAC v2 is, currently, only compatible with Ofdcastv3 Mobile but not with Oedcastv3 aside, there are some other factors you should consider when going for a given streaming format; for example, the CPU usage, which, at least on some architectures, may have a oddcqstv3 effect oddcastv3 the power usage and battery life of the handset.


Also note that the Winamp. In the following screenshot: In these cases, you can still directly access VLC.

Oddcastv3, create an account now. Finally, it has pretty nice Sirius and XM oddcastv3. PMR does it displays an error or something?


For example, in the above-shown VLC batch oddcastv3, start vlc. Find More Posts oddcastv3 Jay. We are also having this problem, and we are streaming MP3, this must be a bug I heavily recommend the former; only go for the standalone oddcastv3 if you know, for some strange reason, you hate WinAMP and would never touch it because it odddcastv3 be used with any sound source, not only WinAMP. As oddcastv3 clearly be seen, Icecast2 is already broadcasting the stream coming from the stream source; in this case, StreamTranscoderV3.

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