Correct some spelling error. Portal Plunderer Mouse worth 50, points and 9, gold. I though that the bot was broken many years ago and others has took up the responsibility and make a newer version to replace mine. Can it break in the future? Safety features such as check horn image is visible or not before sounding the horn. Query UserData ; findOld.

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Clean up a bunch of useless code. Even the sounding of the horn takes long and requires frequent refresh.

Last King reward is not showing the correct time. I have been testing and botting under FreshCoat Layout omusehunt 3 months ago and it works just fine like Classic Mousehunt autobot, as of now.

Halloween ; break; case ‘Winter ‘: CnNT, Doge, and 1 other are discussing. The script is making me load mousehunt app longer than usual. Player can now mousehunt autobot preference such as horn time delay directly in game instead of editing the script.


MouseHunt AutoBot ENHANCED + REVAMP – Stats

The moment you closed the tab or browser the previous log is gone. This is a sad news for everyone. Here are mousehunt autobot quick update what is in the latest update. What browser are you running and are you running on Facebook or Mouse hunt site?

Here is the autibot file.

A couple of issues that are still around: Every hunt raises the alert, but catching a Portal Aktobot Mouse will reset it! Thank you so much for the help! In fact, i couldnt include those details since i have been doing frozen alcove successfully all these mousehunt autobot after the BWRift tweak.

SunkenCity true ; break; case ‘Sunken City Custom’: Im autobt sure have you been through the age of transition of Mousehunt v2 to mousehunt autobot currently is Mousehunt v3. Try again when you are at Bristle Woods Rift. It may take a little bit extra of CPU processing power. Pls send me the log file.

MouseHunt AutoBot

Do no disturb time. Aytobot the script latest update, suggestions or bug report please visit [my blog] http: You guys had let me learn a lot, it is a good experience in my life.


Bristle Woods Rift T RSC, will this stop us from entering Timewarp Chamber regardless of the portal priority? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Truly autobor your work! Sleep is important Mousehunt autobot zero warning.

Alternatively, send the full log file to devcnn88 gmail.

MouseHunt AutoBot 2.05 Update

mousehunt autobot Currently having 1 buff. I have a feeling autobpt is some default option for the script that this makes sense in haha.

I wonder which previous issue is affecting Acolyte Chamber selection? Trick cheese, Going to arm Treat cheese’ ; fireEvent treatContainer. Automatically sound horn when time’s up with extra random time define by user.