I love that I can export the loops as audio for use in my DAW. Users worldwide will be exposed to new loops they’ve never heard, and can combine them with their own loops to create remixes. Korg announce new polyphonic analogue synth: It would be great to have some further tweak-ability options for the sounds, or use the generated midi to apply to other instruments. The six optional PCM and program cards that were highly-acclaimed by users at the time, as well as the KLC card that was newly added with the KORG Legacy Collection, are also included, bringing the total to more than 1, preset sounds, more than waveforms, and 55 effects. This app version of the instrument includes a vast number of presets and waveforms, covering all models of the series: Version 2 New Features

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Create melodies and phrases simply by stroking, tapping, or rubbing the touch screen with your finger; no musical knowledge is required. Spanish, Ryukyu, and Raga scales are also provided, allowing for distinctive phrases.

A new workflow with Ableton Live

If you are just into random sounds, this app is great. Audio Export saves your performance as a file Now you can record your performance in real time, or export a completed loop as an audio file. Designed for korg ikaossilator performance, the Flex Play feature makes it easy to generate fills or breaks.

Korg unveil the Volca Mix performance mixer: Move your finger horizontally in the screen to kofg the pitch, and move vertically to control korg ikaossilator of the synthesizer sound. Oct 18, Version 3. I’ve definitely come ikaosslator with the beginnings of some killer tracks in my opinion with this app. The loops of each part you create are internally converted into audio files.


Enjoy the synth leads and synth bass sounds you expect from a synthesizer, as ikaossolator as acoustic sounds that simulate piano or guitar chords, even the ikaoseilator sound effects used by DJs. The Audio loop import feature also enables closely coupled operation with iKaossilator’s sibling the “Kaossilator 2”. SoundCloud, founded in korg ikaossilator Alexander Ljung and Eric Wahlforss, enables music professionals and other creators to collaborate, publish and share their sounds on the web, in a simple, accessible and feature-rich way.

In addition to its track-making capabilities, this loop sequencer is also a great feature for live performance. News Location Korg ikaossilator Media.

iKaossilator for iPhone and iPad | KORG (USA)

Korg has revolutionized the musical instrument world with their dynamic line of Kaoss products, using an intuitive X-Y pad to provide korg ikaossilator musical control. Transform inspiration into a creative production. I got this because I was looking for some deep bass sounds to insert into ikaoseilator live show.

In addition to simply playing an imported audio loop, you can use a filter effect assigned to the touch pad to vary the character of the song just as you would on the Kaoss Pad. Enjoy iKaossilator on your iPhone while riding public transportation, and on your iPad while performing live! Enjoy the synth leads and synth bass sounds you expect from a synthesizer. korg ikaossilator

‚ÄéKORG iKaossilator on the App Store

Perhaps a full blown plug-in for my DAW eventually? It’s fun, intuitive, and the sounds are pretty great! Products that support Ableton Live project ikaozsilator The drum sounds let you play korg ikaossilator manipulate various patterns simply by moving your finger. Now you can record your performance in real time, or export a completed loop as an audio file. The loops you create can be uploaded directly to SoundCloud from within the app.


To create a track, simply assign a loop such as synth, bass, chords, sound effects, or drums to each part. Another neat addition would be the ability to record live samples and manipulate those with the screen interface. It would be great to have some further korg ikaossilator options for the sounds, or use the generated midi to apply to other instruments.

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There is a wide selection of sounds from electronic to acoustic instruments and drums, that can all be played with a single finger. While the iKaossilator provides a five-part sequencer that lets you freely insert or remove sounds, the kaossilator 2 allows unlimited overdubbing and is even able to record external audio input. Korg ikaossilator going, you’re nearly there.

These bold, colorful graphics provide an exciting performance experience.