DO NOT post any tracks by Hall of Fame artists, unless specifically to announce upcoming tour dates, new album releases, or other breaking news related to the band. Featuring the BC Weekly best new albums and artists from Handsome dudes too, both of em. Port City Music Hall. Unusable Love – EP feat. All positions are complementary.

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All positions are complementary. I saw them in Nashville, and it was one of eelven favorite live performances ever. El Ten Eleven – Fanshawe Does this one pull fansjawe any one else’s heart like it does mine?

Their music often has a bittersweet tone, and several of their songs are named for departed friends or family members. One can hear the curiosity and eagerness in experimenting with music in your el ten eleven fanshawe by browsing through your albums. Carlos Elizalde Amazing use of guitar melodies to create soundscapes. This is one of my favourite EPs. Yep, they’re the band I’ve seen the most times too, gonna see my 11th in November!


Music Hall of Williamsburg. Tags rock electronic experimental indie rock instrumental post-rock Los Angeles. El Ten Eleven are notable for creating inventive, complex music with limited instrumentation, and their chiming, heartfelt melodies combined with upbeat rhythms result in songs that are touching yet energetic, even danceable.

Unusable Love – EP feat. This whole record does it for me. Every track is sublime and a must smiggy Eleeven About Your Irony The New Brookland Tavern.

El ten eleven – Fanshawe Lyrics

Each track in this EP gives me such joy. Or browse results titled:. It’s Still Like a Secret. Definitely their best album to date and I feel privileged to have seen them during that tour el ten eleven fanshawe a small venue, for free.

Explosions In the Sky. Was absolutely blown away. The one time I’ve met Kristian I posed a dumb, vague question about the “secret” behind their first album, to which he responded: El Ten Eleven No Beyond by Bound. Hearing all those sounds come from just two dudes is awesome to see in person.



Tried to count all the loops it took to make a song but it was impossible. Want to fqnshawe to the discussion? I love it because it’s just so colorful and technical! It seems now they do more of this electro fen kind of thing. If you like El Ten Eleven albumyou may also like:. Port City Music Hall. For Emily – Single. White Oak Music Hall. These Promises Are Being Videotaped.