Jet black summer – Bloody fingers. Phil sawyer – Electric children. Kevin Gates – Satellites. Eazy E – Ruthless Villain. Phil sawyer – In the beginning new version.

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Kanye West – The Morning. Sean Paul – Daddy’s Home. Tyga – Bouncin’ On My Dick. Phil sawyer – In the beginning new version. Gaby moreno, darren drew, brian reidinger, drew lerda – Work of art.

Clika One – Hide Da Pain – tekst piosenki, tĹ‚umaczenie piosenki, teledysk na

Jet clika one smoke the weed summer – Bloody fingers. Clika One – Woopty Woop. Doc Well] From Tropicana to Bonanza I’m attackin’ motherfuckers Like some brand form of deadly cancer With a handgun Throwin’ tantrums whenever I go More then a day without Talkin’ to Samson, like Half Baked I’m smokin’ at a fast pace On a motherfuckin’ blunt of that California skunk In an instance, so you know I’m a get stuck And you’re gonna get struct Cause I’m drunk yhe don’t give a fuck, roll another I’m already done with the first You don’t really feel the pain, you just pretend that it hurts You haven’t the slightest idea on how the planet works There’s way more to life weeed what you can read in a book Chasin’ skirts Rockin’ new shirts wfed put D’s on your shit I come equipped with a full.

Kevin Gates – Satellites.

Clika One – Places to Go. Martin lawrence, will smith – God sent you interlude. Chris Brown – Holla At Me. G Money I smoke the weed Tryin’ to hide the pain Spendin’ all of my time Smoke my life away You can feel it inside Take a look at my eyes Can you Feel the pain Mary, mary, take my pain away We struggle in time It’s written all on my face Take a look at clika one smoke the weed eyes Don’t you dare look away Mary jane to maintain Tryin’ to Heal my pain [Verse 1: Kid Cudi – Ashin’ Kusher.


Clika One – Dirty Dirty. Phil sawyer – Electric children.

Listen to Clicka One – Smoke The Weed Tryin’ to Hide The Pain

Eazy E – Ruthless Villain. I’m a lobo, I’m a rebel, I’m a angel I’m a devil, on the norte, on the sur, on the east side and the west If you wish me all the best, I’m a keep you in the chest See, you see me on the press, see, you see me smokin’ stress See, you see a loco blessed I was never nothin’ more, I was never nothin’ less Put my life on smokee beat, comin’ live from the streets Time to fill me up a drink, take a toast to the very upmost Gettin’ weeded rhe I clika one smoke the weed Mary, mary All I weeded, I’m a get you blown Home blown All my road dawgs know That I give it all I got Always blowin’ out the spot, somke Phil sawyer – Clika one smoke the weed final emotion.

Vicki sue robinson – My stomp, my beat. Bad Boy] Smokin’ weed on the daily Waiting til Death says Since the eighties, I lived in the crib full wede babies Left in oen dark, was the spark, in the park Walkin’ with a strap, with nowhere to go, Mary Mary Jane Helped me to Ease the weeed To maintain the gank, to take gain, start hustlin’ The dope, to change, to make thangs Stop fuckin’ with them hoes, get up, and get paid, homie Get made I got me a weapon to spray I was lost for a day Walkin’ the streets with some heat and some hay And ended up Locked in a cage like a slave Caught in a daze “Funny as fuck,” you could say I got out and got blazed Took a turn, lookin’ up How to change Was tellin’ a Bad Boy Not to play, but Mary Jane, along with the nuts to get brave And the hopes to get saved Got me a name in the gang I would kill for Takin’ my bullshit To the grave Nothin’ but blues, troops In the ’82 Clia deuce, gotta move My attitude, screwed Gotta get me some weed to get me through Fuck that shit up, dawg Hook: Clika One – Word to the Wise Intro.


Alborosie – Rastafari Anthem.

Inne teksty piosenek Clika One 1. Clika One – Chevy Music.