For Performance monitoring, evaperf utility needs to be installed in the server running OpManager. If any of the below keys exists then: This is normally C: If the status is “disabled”, it indicates that it is in an improper state and you will need to restart the host server once and then check the above again In case the above command prints “evapdcs not installed” , install evapdcs via the following command evapdcs -i -m The server running OpManager needs to be registered to the Command View EVA server via , “evaperf fnh [hostname] [username] [password]” hostname – CVE host name , username – CVE username , password – CVE password OpManager uses EVA name known as friendly name in EVA terminology to issue evaperf commands. Delete the folder XF. Also the server must be reachable from the server where OpManager is installed.

hp storageworks smi s cimom

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Check if the server running OpManager is registered as a trap destination in the switch by issuing the command ” show snmp host ” via telnet to switch.

IBM SMI-S Provider: Configuring the CIM Agent

Take a copy of the file C: Include the directory containing NaviCLI. In my case this was a hidden folder! Include the directory containing SMcli. In one of the logfiles they noticed this logentry: In case your current SSSU version is higher say 5.


For this you may follow the steps below. ztorageworks

hp storageworks smi s cimom

This is required for the latest path changes to take effect wmi OpManager. This is normally C: If your settings are differentplease provide the same in the OpManager web-client while adding Switch.

Delete EvaPerf Registry Key. Go to the install location where the previous version was installed to cleanup. They recommended me to perform an uninstall and entire cleanup scenario to solve this. Disable DigestAuthentication by setting DigestAuthentication flag to false in cimom.

Uninstall Command View + manual cleanup of the registry and files | Dynamic Datacenter

In case your read community is differentplease provide the same in the OpManager web-client while adding Switch. If a different community is usedit needs to be specified when you add the device via OpManager.

This will open a page which lists the supported Operating Systems Click on the operating system corresponding to the server running OpManager Example: Please go through the instructions and try readding the device.

hp storageworks smi s cimom

For any changes use ” set setup snmp “. The list of storage devices that are monitored by OpManager and their respective supported models, features supported and prerequisites for monitoring are listed below.


ThreadLocal a9b] and a value of type [org. By default for Windows Servers this is C: Delete command view eva Registry Key. Models Supported EonStor storage systems such storagewogks.

If a different community is used, it needs to be specified when you add the device via OpManager. Last weekend, Cijom performed a firmware and management software upgrade and I encountered this one.

HP StorageWorks Command View EVA Software Suite vs. Array Based Management with Command View / ABM

Register OpManager server IP address as trap destination. OpManager by default, uses snmp port and read community ‘public’ for discovery. OpManager provides monitoring and management of HP Storageworks switches and directors. Click on Add Device Note: In case the device is not discovered, then the probable reasons for non discovery are displayed in the client.

This will download SSSU. Install the necessary software from the OEM website. Delete the folder Sanworks.