GuntherTheUndying , May 25th, A very dark one at that. I agree for the most part But They’re seem to be some promising riffs here in an attempt to duplicate their previous work “The Stench of Redemption” but, rather than release something that good or better yet improve upon it they decide to simply rehash a slow riff and turn it into a drawn out five minute sloppy attempt at being a progressive death metal band. Lead Guitar — Santolla.

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NET story or review, you must be logged in to an active personal account on Facebook. The album has countless brutal Deicide riffs and a sizeable dosage of soaring leads, though the latter are not as plentiful with Santolla as only a session player. I write this review not to condemn Deicide but to remind listeners of Deicide’s glory days and hopefully help those who were and still are fans of Deicide to give them another deatb to produce another death metal classic.

The production is really weak and you can hear the differences from Legion very well. The Satanic aspect of Deicide has always come off to me as a gimmick to young teens looking to rebel in any way. His vocals sound not only more powerful then ever, but there’s also a deatn keyword being a hint! None of the instruments in the production are dominant which is a good thing as it gives a very raw and organic sound which adds to the quality of the album. Turkey “yes, naked women are really sexy, but only when they are not fat, ugly and neck-less” haha brilliant, neck-less i’m super, thanks for asking Loading This album blows compared to old Deicide.

Santolla is reined in and compared to his work on the last Obituary, sounds remarkably restrained.


Till Death Do Us Part (Deicide album) – Wikipedia

Bentonprefer to turn their ire towards their instruments instead of violently focusing xeath towards this bullshit-laden conglomerate we call a functioning society. Slow, moody and with a lead guitar flourish from Santolla it sounded nothing like the Deicide I love. What about albums which felt little to no impact upon their release? Marriage sucks, and so does this album. I probably am not doing a very good job explaining why this is a good album.

I wasn’t really impressed with it, but then again, I wasn’t impressed with The Stench of Redemption or really, anything past Serpents of the Light, so it’s probably expected that I didn’t like this one.

Of course, the album is very flawed, but it is still in possession of a deicide till death do us part of convincing death metal numbers, namely the excellent “Not As Long As We Both Shall Live” and the album closer leaving out the pointless filler that serves as the album’s “outro””Horror in the Halls of Stone”, which is nothing short of epic.

All in all, you’re not missing out if you don’t buy this album. Albums tkll this one, from the legendary Satanic death metal band Deicide, are examples of this. This may be a case of playing it safe, but effect is undeniably felt. It seems that Steve is growing younger and faster after every album and he just shines on this album.

I fell into the latter group. But I’m not disappointed, this is a great ys. Till Death Do Us Part is a disgustingly beautiful album that will grind your fucking skull in with how heavy it is. Till Death Do Us Part is the follow up to that album and was released earlier this year.


Here, we have an album which was released inand was much-hyped, being the follow-up to ‘s “The Stench of Redemption”which many felt “re-kindled” the fires that the band had supposedly smothered long ago. But on a musical view, everything looks equally disappointing.

Maybe like Benton said in the first interview he had with Earache Records, they put out In Torment in Hell to “Get the fuck off of Earache Records” could it be that they want to do the same with Earache?

I love death metal, but the best albums are those with sufficient variation in riffs, solos, tempos, etc. The mantra is overplayed but obviously for Deicide, it’s all they have to go on so it works for them. Plenty of riff-age that could conjure up the devil himself, plenty of furiously fast drumming filled with blast beats and the standard double kick frenzy, deicide till death do us part vo best part about all of this is Glen’s vocals. Written by Herzebeth on hs As a refreshing change the band departs from its satanic, Christ bashing themes and is spewing about marriage and relationships with some intelligent lyrics from Glen Benton.

Advertise on Metal Storm. What is interesting to notice is that not only has Steve done drum duties but has also vo the guitar for this album which is extra ordinary and he deserves all the respect for that.