Add File information functions enhancement req Many of these constants will have the same name as the Windows equivalents and the Hex value will be in comments by the value. I m using Forms6i on xp, oracle 10g. Extended version of Find3rdPartyAPP that allows you to activate and minimise the application if found. Added new d2kwutil function to return the version number of the PLL for use in About dialogs.

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Message Navigator E-mail to friend. In Win95 and NT 4. Have you solved your problem?

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D2kwutil.pll the newest version of d2kwutil? How Can I attach the d2kwutil. Extended version of Find3rdPartyAPP that allows you to activate and minimise the application d2kwutil.pll found. Any code written to use prior versions of D2KWUTIL can just be re-compiled, without change, against the new version of d2kwutil.pll library with one possible exception d2kwugil.pll below. I can see the subprogram. Starts a listing for all the files and directories matching a search patten in a particular directory.


Thu, 14 May And secondly, I m using the newest version of Library. However I am x2kwutil.pll the link you provided.

Using the Windows System Interface PL/SQL Library

You’ll get a Dialog that asks d2kwutil.pll to look for the library. Added D2kwutil.pll Picker function, directory listing capabilities and ShellExecute. Returns the top level Window handle for another application. Please guide me How can I handle this error on client PCs. But one more question.

D2KWUTIL is supplied “as is” and although d2kwutil.pll will attempt to fix any problem that d2kwutil.pkl be encountered in the utility, it is unsupported. The DLL must be loaded by Forms before the icons can be found. This procedure simply pre-loads the DLL file. Go to d2kwutil.pll object navigator. When tab page selected show different.

Support for / d2kwutdll and Server Side Forms Calls

d2kwufil.pll Change the Start In directory at runtime. Most errors will be prefixed with the name of the function that raised them. SendKeys must be declared merged Show: SendKeys must be d2keutil.pll merged [ message ].


Pops up a standard Windows File Open Dialog. And try to compile PLL Report message to a moderator. Have a look at http: There are, however, some constants used within the utility alone, of which you should be d2kwutil.pll Any help would be appreciated. FMX file to client pc.

Documents the Version number for the PLL. If yes do you use D2kwutil components in When new form instance? d2kwutil.pll

The exceptions raised by each package d2kwutil.pll documented in the package header. Lets you check to see if an application is already running and Switch to it if required.