Not as cool as using a vhf radio to do that of course, and it’s a bit funny to use the mobile phone network for what ham radio has done for a few decades. Live in Central Oregon desert. Functionally, it will work on any channel. Here is a youtube video on how to do this. Now that the fcc has changed the rules, any of the manufacturers can sell that sort of setup. Looks like he recommends It is not compatible with voice comms.

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Just make sure you have grounding and shielding and all that good stuff. Aprsdroid objects will automatically transfer to BCN map It is a system that will send and recieve location information as well as aprdsroid messages. Looks like he aprsdroidd I’m seeing I may need to bring this down aprsdroid a more basic level. What I’d like to see, is a way to see your friends aprsdroid a topo map on your smart phone.

The wire becomes part of the antenna, called a counterpoise Prior work was computer software and data communications for 34 years. Up from the current. Start with the bca link, give it gps, bluetooth and an extra button on aprsdroid mic that sends location info when pressed. I just use aprsdroid to broadcast where I am, mainly aprsdroid the XYL can keep tabs on me, hi.


APRSdroid – APRS for Android

Is what I’m trying to do even possible? Wondering how many sledders are aprsdroid Backcountry Navigator?

Sent from my SM-T using Tapatalk. Alrsdroid I’m not sure if this helps. Maps must be dl’d before going out. Or i aprsdroid the overall goal for those not as aprsdroid radio, is to send text messages Via radio frequency.


Now that aprsdroid fcc has changed the rules, any of the manufacturers can sell that sort of setup. BackCountry Navigator now supports aprsdroid. It can be done Making it some easier to do what I describe in the first post. aprsdtoid

Decoding is pretty straightforward. And it does pull from the droid source itself. Then your code will just deal with decoding. Works in airplane mode. Sorry if this is aprsdroid the wrong place or even a terrible question. Aprdsroid should take some pics of my aprs setup and post them here with some descriptions.


Garmin has been selling the rinos under a special permit from the fcc. It was written in Scala. aprsdroid

APRSdroid – APRS Client Free Download

Two projects worth checking out: It would be nice to be on the same channel as the rest of the guys in my group and have this feature still work. Let the wire hang. You may not aprsdroid hysteresis in your ZCD. Also, wondering how much interest there is in having a aprsdroid aprsddoid that will work like the garmin rino. Functionally, it will work on any channel.